Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taking a look at a port-o-john, through the eyes of Jimi G.

I have this friend.

He is very sincere, enthusiastic, hard working, fun, nice, thoughtful, smart, talented... and he is really not a close friend.

We have spent very little time together, but the few minutes here and there are always some of the most valuable and pleasant that I spend with anyone.

When I see his smiling face in a crowd, or sitting somewhere, the magnetic pull is irresistable.


Because we have conversations like this:

"I love my daughters. They grew up so fast!"

"Look at that mother over there, bending down to the stroller, smiling and having fun with her little one. We are seeing that! Isn't it a great thing!"

"That forgotten 45 your requested on WINY Radio was GREAT!"

...and one of the best one's yet... "I remember going along the river trail one day, and there was a guy there cleaning the port-o-john. He was whistling, and going about his job with great pride. He cleaned the inside, then the outside. He was not ashamed or embarrassed of his job. He was proud to be doing a fantastic job! Isn't that great?!"

Yes - it is.

It is also great to know people that value the goodness, hard work and sincerity of others.

THAT is why I love my friends, and that is why I am pulled like a magnet to them, and opposed to those who do not see the value in these precious things.

I am a Putnamaniac that sticks with those who see the good and rise above all else! 

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