Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quality youth exists - and will carry us forward!

I am fortunate to meet some great volunteers since I work in a most volunteer staffed work force with Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT. 

You would expect grown ups would be responsible and make great volunteers.

BUT ~ I am thrilled to have met quality youth volunteers as well, featuring a great high schooler, Jake.

Jake has stepped right up from the moment he walked through the door... he is courteous and helpful to customers and fellow volunteers. He is mechanical and can fix things. He has common sense. He is independent. He is strong! 

It was not only my lucky day when Jake signed up to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT, but our entire community's lucky day. We are a better community thanks to Jake and everyone just like him.

Quality youth exists. They take responsibility! Thank goodness for them (and for the fine upbringing that brought them to be them).

I am a Putnamaniac that believes in the youth and the future of the nation!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Dazzle Light Parade - 20,000 viewers can't be wrong! This will be the 1st LITTER FREE PARADE IN THE WORLD!

If you have nothing to do this Sunday night, December 1st, 2013, head to downtown Putnam.

This is the night of the 12th annual Holiday Dazzle Light Parade.

There is no way you can imagine this parade - you must come and see it....

Over 120 floats... all lit up like the 4th of July.

There are musical floats with live bands playing, marching bands, farm animals, 4 wheelers, a hot air balloon blaster, churches, organizations, scouts, costumes, community groups, businesses, and LIGHTS.... pretty much everyone in Northeast CT is here, either marching or watching.

To top off this usual miraculous welcoming in of the Christmas holiday season, this year The Last Green Valley is the grand marshal, and they are welcoming in their 20th anniversary in 2014. To celebrate, this is going to be the FIRST LITTER FREE PARADE in the world!!!

Garbage bags will be handed out and available before the parade begins, to share with your parade watching neighbors. At the end of the parade, volunteers will pick up all the bags. Outcome; 1st litter free parade in the world!

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

As one was has watched and marched (and I will be marching again this year as a volunteer of The Last Green Valley), I can tell you this is a not to miss out on event. You will be astonished and razzle dazzled!!!

20,000 people can't be wrong. That is the number of folks that show up every year to watch this parade! You should be among them if you enjoy a good time ~ family and community friendly!

I am a Putnamaniac that can't wait for this year's Holiday Dazzle Light Parade!

Thursday, November 28, 2013



I love holidays - all of them - decorating - foods - celebrations - parades - music - traditions...

So, yes, I do love holidays all year long.

However, there is a particularly jolly man that comes once a year, if you've been good.

Tomorrow this bearded fellow will be visiting Putnamania to check up on all of us - from the youngest to the oldest, to make sure we are being good. He will be happy with the results of his investigation.

If you want a glimpse of this jolly old elf, be in front of the Riverfront Commons walkway (Price Chopper, Dollar Store, Crabtree & Evelyn) at 4pm tomorrow afternoon (Friday, November 29, 2103).

I can''t wait!!!!!! Most excited 53 year old child ever!!!!

Here is a shot of Santa visiting with a little Putnamaniac in years past
I am a Putnamaniac that can't wait to see Santa!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever... included Brian Piccolo and James Caan ~ What about you?

Thanksgivings are always great ~ even if pressed for time, still great.

Today I was thinking back to my earlier years.

Living next door to my grandparents, I was one lucky child.

My grandmother (Moone) was a fabulous cook, chef, baker. You name it. If you could eat it, she could make it! Mmmmmm.

It was always a big gathering at the grandparents house for Thanksgiving, with 6 children in their family, and all the extras you pick up along the way with marriages, births, etc.

It was fun and delicious.

Then came a day when the grandparents were no longer next door. One of the saddest days of my life was when I was about 10 years old, and they moved away to Maine. Good for them. Bad for me.

However, being the swamp yankee troopers that we are, my momma took on the Thanksgiving meal at our house. The night before the aunts came over to cook. Aunt Melinda was there, Gigi was there. The place smelled great!

I was sitting in the living room, just beyond the kitchen, watching a movie:

Brian's Song. Did you ever see it? What a tear jerker... it was about the life (and sadly the death) of football player Brian Piccolo, played by James Caan. I was pretty young, and did not know the story, nor the outcome. As the movie got to the meat of the story, I was shocked and started bawling uncontrollably.... while being completely embarrassed to be doing so in front of my mom and aunts...

Lesson learned... on the rare occasion I watched something that might even be closed to sad, I would do it in private. I even skipped the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie, because goodness knows they had large tear potential!

So, stop and think back. Do you have a crazy Thanksgiving story to tell?

I am a Putnamaniac that has had a ton of memorable Thanksgivings!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well, well. well... what do we have here? Why, Putnamania of course!

Do you live in an awesome place?  

I DO!!!

At the end of this long day, I sat down and looked at facebook, the local newspaper, and listened to the radio, and....

There was awesome news everywhere!

Food drives are going on all over the place, everyone chipping in, people enjoyed their friends and family, road trips were taken, food was cooked, tons of projects were accomplished, cookie exchange parties began, and new friends were made.

So, yes, I do live in an awesome place... Putnamania... and I know awesome people here!

I love it when you can sit back at the end of the day and be so happy with where you live!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves where she lives!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweetness gets sweeter with age ~ at least with my neighbor Connie it does!

As a little kid I developed a theory.

It seemed to me that people who were nice when they were younger, got even nicer as they grew older.

Unfortunately, it also seemed that people who might have had a bit of a mean streak in them perhaps got a little more nasty as they aged.

I focused on and stuck with the nice ones.

Yesterday I visited my old neighbor, Connie, while she is visiting Westview Health Care Center.

(Here is a shot of Pam, me, and Connie on a lunch outing earlier this year to 85 Main)

She was snoozing a little when I got there, so I took a seat and read for a while.

Her eyes opened, she smiled grandly, and so sweetly asked "When did you get here?".

She is a doll. We talked, laughed, then talked and laughed some more.

Connie is as sweet as they come, and I am pretty sure she has been just so her whole life.

Her daughter, Pam, is cut of the same cloth.

I sure hope I wind up as one of the "sweet" ones as the years go by....

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the sweet ones that get sweeter with age!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My goal today ~ to fly off to good times at The Flying Carpet Studio!

Impossible to believe that although I live in and love Putnam, I have never been to one of the most positive businesses downtown... one I love to follow on Facebook... one that I admire heartily...

... The Flying Carpet Studio!

So, today my goal is to selfishly take at least 10 minutes (5 minutes to drive there and back, and 5 minutes to visit) and hopefully meet the wonderful woman who is The Flying Carpet Studio!
I know it will be a dazzling visit, because when I drive by, it sure does sparkle in there. Since I already know it is sparkling to the eye, I also know it will be sparking to the senses.

Don't overlook or take for granted your local businesses. Just because they are right around the corner to visit anytime doesn't mean you will take the time to actually do it. So... just do it!

You can "like" The Flying Carpet Studio on facebook here. 

I am a Putnamaniac that will be flying at the Flying Carpet Studio if only for a few moments today!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manville AND Womanville ~ See the proof!

The best house in Putnamania did come with rather good insulation, so that is a good thing!

It is easily spotted in the garage, where there is no ceiling to hide it.

Apparently "Manville" is a well known insulation brand...

However in Putnamania, we have not only Manville, we have Womanville!

Check it out ~ proof positive:

My husband thinks I am crazy that these sort of things amuse me, but he knows me well enough to know that of course this sort of thing amuses me. He even handed me the sharpie to do it! 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Manville and Womanville in the best house in Putnamania!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The POWER of the opposite of negative thinking! Seriously works! My mother was right!

Every now and then do you just not feel all peppy and nice and happy?

We are human after all, but when you feel like this, do you even like yourself?

I do not.


On one of those days I over pep myself up to be positive.

I make it a point to smile gloriously and say a very friendly "hello" to the next person I see, maybe ask how their day is ~ let them know I think it is an awesome day.

After I do this with about 2 people, I am seriously in a positive and upbeat mood myself. What a salesman I am!

So, once again as my mother, and probably your mother used to say, "turn that frown upside down".  She was right ~ It works!

Make everything fun and keep your positive eyes and ears open. Close those negative Nellies.

 I am a Putnamaniac that loves the POWER of positive thinking ~ and positive acting!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flat Stanley and Flat Brookie-Cookie arrived and made my day!!!

So, yup, I came home from work ~ after 11 hours ~ how is it creeping up ??? From 8 to 9 to 10 to now 11 hours.... on salary ~ at about the lowest rate I've had since just after post high school days ~ but since I chose this route at this time in my life to give back as much as I can to my community, so be it!

Pura Vida!

And in the mail was the BEST THING EVER... my adventures of Flat Stanley/Flat Brookie kit!!!!!

YAY!!! My friend, Brooke, trusts me to take her and Flat Stanley on some fun adventures around Putnamania!

So, we will visit WINY Radio, the Habitat ReStore, Day Kimball Hospital, the River Trail, and all of the great businesses in town! Any other ideas?

What great fun a young friend can bring an old friend at the end of a day.

xoxoxoxox to the young and old, working together.

I am a Putnamaniac that will bring Flat Stanley and Brookie all around Putnamania!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Onions, garlic, and a bag of meat in my kitchen - the truest sign of true love!

Take a gander at this!

Yes - you see onions, garlic, and a bag of meat - in my kitchen!!! These are like my three cryptonites!

Why on earth would I not only welcome these deadly things (to me, at least), but slice them up and cook them???

There is but one answer ~ it is true love.

I am going to cook this disgusting mess up for my husband, because he loves this meal, and I love him.

That is all.

Go beyond yourself for those you love. It is worth it every time.

I am a Putnamaniac that is happy to cook my arch enemies up for my husband, whom I love dearly (or "deerly" in this case)!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A day of topsy turvy plans!

When my head hit the pillow last night, I had my plan all laid out for today:
1) laundry
2) Turkey Trot 5k
3) Shower
4) Give Momma and our friend Jane a house tour of the best house in Putnam
5) Visit Logees Greenhouse for their open house weekend
6) Go to the Elks Veterans Dinner
7) Relax

In actuality, it did not turn out that way... Why? Because sometimes a day's plans go topsy turvy.

Since I awoke way too early, thinking of how we still haven't finished the sun room nor the bathroom (have you tried to comb your hair, brush your teeth, apply the most minimal amount of makeup you use, which is basically to cover those ever there bags under your eyes over the kitchen sink - with no mirror for 2 months????).

So, I then jumped up and decided it was time to turn my plans topsy turvy! This is how it turned out:
1) laundry
2) sanded the sun room walls
3) more laundry
4) coffee
5) listened to the coverage of the Turkey Trot on WINY Radio
6) washed the sun room walls
7) more laundry... and more coffee
8) primed the sun room walls
9) cleaned up all the sanding and painting mess
10) took a shower, and yes, combed my hair over the kitchen sink
11) gave Momma and her friend a house tour when they arrived
12) told my hubby to have a nice time at the Elks Veterans dinner
13) went to the Logees open house with Momma and friend. Bought a nice meyer lemon!

Note: although my purchase is much smaller than this beauty, some day it will be this spectacular!

14) stopped at the Vanilla Bean for a lunch/supper with Momma and friend


Sometimes you gotta change things around a little, but as you can see, you can still jam a lot into a day, whether it is as planned or a little topsy turvy. Sometimes there is just too much fun to be had in a day!

I am a Putnamaniac that is ok with topsy turvy days!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful I'm full of lots of the best stuff on earth!

During the month of November, people stop and give thanks.

We should really do it all year long, and lots of us do.

So, I am just simply sitting, pooped out at the end of the week, and thinking of how thankful I am.

I am in a warm, clean, nice house that I own with my sweet hubby. It is nice to be a part of my own little family after lots of happy years of singleness.

I have the best mother on the entire planet and in all of history.

I have outstanding sister, brother, brother in law, and Debbi in law.

My Uncle T is one of the best guys ever. 

My friends, near and far, old and new, are all top shelf quality people.

My cousins are all precious and talented.

Good health has continued to follow me around.

I  could not ask for anything else, except maybe another 60-70 years on this earth to enjoy all there is to enjoy!

I am a Putnamaniac that is thankful for it all!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Diversity is the spice of life! That is as spicy as I get!

I like my food pretty bland, boring, not spicy. A bowl of steamed broccoli = great!

However, I really like diverse people, and I know so many!

There are quiet people and loud people.

There are athletic people and couch potatoes.

There are great chefs and take out only types.

There are musicians and authors and artists.

There are Sox fans and there are Stankees fans. 

There are parents ~ of humans, pets, and both.

There are dramatic people and there are behind the scenes type of people.

There are doers, and then there are super doers.

There are funny people and serious people.

There are brilliant people and not so brilliant people.

There are night owls and early birds.

There are meatasauruses and veggiesauruses. 

I am lucky enough to know them all! 

How about you. Does the variety and diversity in the people you know just astound you? You can learn and appreciate so much more in life by knowing a diverse crowd!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the variety of people that I know ~ they spice up my life!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is it time for Christmas music yet? It really makes me happy!

I might have a screw loose.

We've covered that on a few occasions, but I feel it is best to be true to yourself and honest with yourself. How else can you carry on with others if you can't with yourself?

So, I am an admitted Christmas music LOVER!

It makes me happy, calm, joyous, and emotional in a nice way.

Today I discovered a radio station playing some Christmas tunes (yes, I forsook WINY Radio during the non-local show time around noon today.... don't tell on me for that)!

AND, color me happy. Tis almost the season to sing! Especially in your car, all by yourself!

How do you feel about the Christmas music? Be honest.... why do you like or dislike it??

I am a Putnamaniac that is so happy the Christmas music time of year is approaching fast!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tractors to Trimmers is my gift assistant ~ and I can't wait to give this gift!

Shopping is so not my thing.

It is like torture.

However, I do like to get a nice gift for someone ~ especially when it is just the right thing for that person.

Yesterday I shopped locally at Tractors 2 Trimmers in Woodstock, CT and ordered a gift for my hubby. A riding mower, with leaf bagger and plow attachment, too!

I can't wait to have it delivered and surprise him next week. He will LOVE it!

The shopping experience was fantastic. Tractors 2 Trimmers owner assisted me with my choice, based on the info I gave to her regarding yard size and terrain. She was able to match me to exactly what I needed at a great price, and it will be delivered next week.

As she was helping me, she was also seamlessly answering the phone, helping landscape crews arriving with broken equipment, and making it all look easy. 

So, once again, shopping locally is a great choice. Think before you shop! Take the advice of a non-shopper whom is always pleased with local merchants!

You can "like" Tractors 2 Trimmers on Facebook here

I am a Putnamaniac that loved my trip to Tractors 2 Trimmers, and my hubby will love the surprise he will be getting next week!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ahhhh, the things you see while jogging versus driving!

This morning I took a nice morning run.

Since it was my day off, I pledged to take some time for myself. Very selfish!

It was crisp and brisk and bright and colorful!

It was well worth it.

Venturing off on a new route for my legs and lungs, I was really able to check things out. That is one reason I love jogging ~ I take in a lot of views that are so different than when you are driving by these same spots.

Check out my reward at the top of the slow, upward trek to the intersection of Heritage Road and Liberty Highway. Wowza!!!

It was so beautiful, I did drive back later in the day, just to take this picture!

The brilliant red leaves, cozied up to the holly tree, sporting its green leaves and red berries was so eye popping, and the background colors just add to the scene.


I suggest you get out and jog, walk, ride your bike ~ whatever it takes to get you to look around at the beauty surrounding all of us.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to see things while jogging!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Walking, Talking, Litter Patrolling Super Heroes!

I have an awesome friend, Kat.

We have had a lot of fun times together since I met her, and some not so good times in our lives, too, but we share and enjoy each other to the max when we can.

This morning, for the first time in a long time, we got together for one of our classic walks and talks. In just over 5 miles, we solved the world's problems, our problems, made each other come close to tears, and laughed - a lot.

We also became litter patrolling super heroes!

A shopping cart from a local store had been unceremoniously dumped into the Quinebaug River. I saw it the other night when I stopped to take the gorgeous picture at sunset, but could not reach it on my own.

However, this morning, the litter patrolling super heroes teamed up to retrieve it from the river. Kat held onto the back of my shirt, I stretched out and grabbed the stick that was stuck in the kiddie seat, she pulled on that, and I grabbed the kiddie seat. Together we hauled it out of the water and rolled it back to it's home/store.


Isn't it great to have a super hero as your friend? YES it is!

Be sure to keep in touch with your good friends. All others can step aside.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves my walking, talking, litter patrolling super hero friend!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Delicious Roast Beast dinner at the Putnam Congregational Church (even though all I had was the veggies)!

Tonight we had a great date night dinner at the Putnam Congregational Church.

They host quite a few shin-digs every year, and they are always delicious!

Tonight's feature was roast beef.

Being a vegetarian, that roasted beast did not interest me much, but the butternut squash, green beans, and mushrooms sure did! YUM!

Like many churches, this one gives back to the community in massive quantities. That makes it an easy choice to support them.

That, and the deliciousness they offer!

Keep your eyes open for community events like this. It is always a win-win situation.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves eating the veggies at Putnam Congregational Church's dinners!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wearing shorts to work on November 1st! I'll take it!

Being one who is a big fan of hot, steamy weather and long bright days also makes me an anti-fan of cold and shorter days.

So, since it is now November 1st, and it was a mild enough day to wear shorts to work for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT's ReStore in Putnam, I'll take it...

....for as long as it lasts!

Chime in on this epic debate over preferred seasons.

Which do you prefer, and why?

In any case, enjoy all that you can since every day holds something just a little special, especially for you.

I am a Putnamaniac that is happy to wear shorts on November 1st!