Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweetness gets sweeter with age ~ at least with my neighbor Connie it does!

As a little kid I developed a theory.

It seemed to me that people who were nice when they were younger, got even nicer as they grew older.

Unfortunately, it also seemed that people who might have had a bit of a mean streak in them perhaps got a little more nasty as they aged.

I focused on and stuck with the nice ones.

Yesterday I visited my old neighbor, Connie, while she is visiting Westview Health Care Center.

(Here is a shot of Pam, me, and Connie on a lunch outing earlier this year to 85 Main)

She was snoozing a little when I got there, so I took a seat and read for a while.

Her eyes opened, she smiled grandly, and so sweetly asked "When did you get here?".

She is a doll. We talked, laughed, then talked and laughed some more.

Connie is as sweet as they come, and I am pretty sure she has been just so her whole life.

Her daughter, Pam, is cut of the same cloth.

I sure hope I wind up as one of the "sweet" ones as the years go by....

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the sweet ones that get sweeter with age!

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