Friday, November 8, 2013

Diversity is the spice of life! That is as spicy as I get!

I like my food pretty bland, boring, not spicy. A bowl of steamed broccoli = great!

However, I really like diverse people, and I know so many!

There are quiet people and loud people.

There are athletic people and couch potatoes.

There are great chefs and take out only types.

There are musicians and authors and artists.

There are Sox fans and there are Stankees fans. 

There are parents ~ of humans, pets, and both.

There are dramatic people and there are behind the scenes type of people.

There are doers, and then there are super doers.

There are funny people and serious people.

There are brilliant people and not so brilliant people.

There are night owls and early birds.

There are meatasauruses and veggiesauruses. 

I am lucky enough to know them all! 

How about you. Does the variety and diversity in the people you know just astound you? You can learn and appreciate so much more in life by knowing a diverse crowd!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the variety of people that I know ~ they spice up my life!

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