Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My goal today ~ to fly off to good times at The Flying Carpet Studio!

Impossible to believe that although I live in and love Putnam, I have never been to one of the most positive businesses downtown... one I love to follow on Facebook... one that I admire heartily...

... The Flying Carpet Studio!

So, today my goal is to selfishly take at least 10 minutes (5 minutes to drive there and back, and 5 minutes to visit) and hopefully meet the wonderful woman who is The Flying Carpet Studio!
I know it will be a dazzling visit, because when I drive by, it sure does sparkle in there. Since I already know it is sparkling to the eye, I also know it will be sparking to the senses.

Don't overlook or take for granted your local businesses. Just because they are right around the corner to visit anytime doesn't mean you will take the time to actually do it. So... just do it!

You can "like" The Flying Carpet Studio on facebook here. 

I am a Putnamaniac that will be flying at the Flying Carpet Studio if only for a few moments today!

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