Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quality youth exists - and will carry us forward!

I am fortunate to meet some great volunteers since I work in a most volunteer staffed work force with Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT. 

You would expect grown ups would be responsible and make great volunteers.

BUT ~ I am thrilled to have met quality youth volunteers as well, featuring a great high schooler, Jake.

Jake has stepped right up from the moment he walked through the door... he is courteous and helpful to customers and fellow volunteers. He is mechanical and can fix things. He has common sense. He is independent. He is strong! 

It was not only my lucky day when Jake signed up to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT, but our entire community's lucky day. We are a better community thanks to Jake and everyone just like him.

Quality youth exists. They take responsibility! Thank goodness for them (and for the fine upbringing that brought them to be them).

I am a Putnamaniac that believes in the youth and the future of the nation!

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