Sunday, December 1, 2013

Imagine being deaf.. and talented... for your entire life?

My hubby works with an amazingly talented guy, Billy.

Billy has put in the tile floors and threshold in our bathroom.

Billy has also put in the floors for our living room, hallway, kitchen, and today he is doing the sun room, too... the last final touches on our re-do.

Billy is a great carpenter. Like...seriously great. 


He is deaf.

When I asked my husband if Billy was born deaf or became deaf over the years, he did not know.

Today, as we sat at the table to enjoy our Thanksgiving together, in between rooms, I asked Billy about his situation. He said he was born deaf, did not have the patience for sign language, so learned to read lips.


Could you do that???? I am not sure I could. I depend on my ears since my eyes most times fail me.

People are amazing, don't you think?

Share your amazingness with the world!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves her talented friends! 

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