Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa IS watching!

Fleet of foot I sprung from my Faithful Ford Focus tonight, and entered the mayhem of shopping on the night before a predicted snow weather event.

Personally, I did not need milk or bread, but was using my time and schedule as it is to purchase ingredients for a yummy birthday dinner for my hubby.

Cars everywhere, carts everywhere, grown ups cranky, kids all the more cranky...

One young mother, with 2 small girls in tow, one in the shopping cart being smacked every time the mother turned her head by the sister on the loose, seemed a bit frazzled. She told the girls "you will both be in bed 5 minutes from the time we arrive at home". They whined some more, smacked each other some more, moaned some more.

As I passed I exclaimed that I'd just seen Santa outside and I sure hoped he hadn't seen them. He was on the lookout for kids giving their parents any trouble.

Their jaws dropped open.

They responded both excitedly and nervously about having a Santa spotting so near.

The mom said she wasn't surprised Santa was there, too, since she'd already heard from 2 other people that he'd been in the area today.

Girls = now on best behavior.

I still stop and think about what Santa, or my grandparents, or my parents would think of my behavior when it is not exemplary. Do you??? Come on, admit it!

I am a Putnamaniac that knows Santa IS always watching!

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