Monday, December 16, 2013

Grove Street War Memorial looked just great in the snow!

Ahhhh, the things you see when you are jogging and not driving...

Since it was my day off, I had the opportunity to go jogging in the middle of the day, hoping for the least amount of slipperiness.

I got my wish, and as with most jogs, also saw a great sight....

The Grove Street Civil War Memorial was awash in snow... the display of cannonballs looked like North Pole ornaments... or really big sugary holiday treats! How delicious this was to see!

What a different perspective you can enjoy when you are on your feet, or when you are trying to stay on your feet in all the ice!

Although I did not go back and take a picture of this scene, I will remember it forever in my mind.

I did find this lovely, yet so sad picture of another holiday remembrance for our war heroes.

Remember to look around, and to get out and treat yourself to a walk or a jog whenever you can, no matter what the weather or season. 

I am a Putnamaniac that loved to see the Grove Street Memorial in the snow today!


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