Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day Kimball shines all over Northeast CT

There is a great hospital right here in town, Day Kimball Hospital.

They have a lot of other facilities around the area, too.

All of their volunteers and employees are just so nice and so good at what they do.

This past Monday I took my somewhat cantankerous husband in to Day Kimball for a hernia operation with Dr. McCallum.

What a pleasure it was in spite of what it was.

We were greeted quickly, pleasantly and efficiently.

We were checked in and were immediately ushered in to a room for prep.

A short time later I sent off the hub with well wishes, and I sat down with my book for the duration.

Oddly enough, I chose a long time favorite that I haven't read in a while... Misery, by Stephen King.

However, there was no Misery. I read in comfort, and enjoyed some coffee... and some few hours later, my phone rang. Doc McCallum let me know that my hub was fine. There were actually many small hernias to repair instead of one big one as it originally appeared.

A short time later I was sitting next to a rather sedate hubby (I kinda like it that way)!, and a wonderful nurse giving me the explanation of what to expect and how to care for this situation.

The next day I got the follow up call to see how things were.

This was such a pleasant experience when it could have been much worse, given the patient!

Thank you to all the fine folks involved with Day Kimball Hospital. Everyone from top to bottom and side to side there is spectacular!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves how Day Kimball Hospital shines all over Northeast CT!

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