Thursday, December 26, 2013

Danged rubber neckers... guilty as charged!

Recently I found myself guilty of rubber necking.

Yes! Driving down Kennedy Drive in Putnamania, I glanced to my right, and up into a tree, above the River Trail that ambles along side of the Quinebaug River.

I spotted a gigantic thing! Gigantic!!!! Majestic!!! A bald eagle!!!!

Photo courtesy of the CT DEEP website - click here to learn more about bald eagles

I pulled over and jumped from my car, as the glorious being spread its wings and took to the air. WOW!!!

As I drove away, still in the shocked and amazed afterglow of being so lucky to see this creature, I spotted it again further up the river! Once again I pulled over to enjoy Mother Nature's beauty. 

A concerned State Police pulled up beside me to make sure I was ok! Was I ok???? 

"Sir" I hooted, "Look at the eagle!!!!"

He smiled, waved and enjoyed the view for a moment before he was off to more serious duties.

Since then, I have jogged and driven past this stretch of the Quinebaug as often as possible, rubber necking the entire time. I'm bound to get lucky again!!! 

This rubber necking must run in our family, as I can recall my mother's only car crash occurred  approximately 50 years ago as she was driving over the Davisville Road train bridge, eating a banana, and watching Mr. Ballou paint the sign in front of his oil business. 

Rubber necking - use it for good, not for evil!

I am a Putnamaniac that is guilty of recent rubber necking hoping for another glance at that big old bald eagle!

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