Monday, December 30, 2013

Downhill faster than 35 on Heritage Road ~ well at least it felt like that!

Why is it that when you are driving, the little hills and inclines are barely noticeable?

But, get out there on your legs, and they suddenly grow into mountains!

Treading uphill, it feels like you are in a stream of molasses, your legs weigh 600 lbs, and you are panting like Lassie after a big rescue!

Then you reach the summit, high five the stop sign there that marks your half way point, and turn around.

A whole new world!

Heritage Road ~ downhill ~ 35 miles per hour! No problem. I am going faster than 35 miles per hour on the downhill run... well, at least it feels like that!

Perception is everything!

Get out and perceive as often as you can. It is a blast! Even the uphills!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to go faster than 35 mph downhill on foot on Heritage Road ~ at least it seems that way!

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