Saturday, December 7, 2013

Facebook friends can be such lovely additions to life!

Do you have a friend or friend that is exclusively on facebook? ...  at least for the moment???

 I do!!!

I can't even recall how the connection was originally made, but I am sure glad it was.

This gal is always positive, has a great outlook, believes in great causes, posts great things, gives me great feedback, and even ignores when I am not an ideal facebook friend.

Today, she made my day.


She posted this on my facebook page today: "Hey, I'd like to buy a Christmas tree for a family that cannot afford one - can you put me in touch w/ any churches or groups that are in need??"

 this is a shot of a Christmas tree walk I took at the Goodwin Forest last year

WHAT????????????????? Is this just the greatest thing or what???? 

On top of that, another act of kindness was done in the Habitat ReStore today. A family came in and bought a bed frame, with a built in drawer beneath the bed, along with the headboard for someone they knew in need. They planned to go and give the paid/pick up slip to the family for them to come and pick it up themselves. 

WHAT?????????? Is this just another great thing or what???

Tis the season to pay if forward, share good will, and look beyond yourself. 

If it feels good to do in now, try it more often. 

Believe it or not, others WILL catch the fever and carry on. 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves her facebook exclusive friends and all the other ones as well!

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