Friday, February 28, 2014

A DEEEElicious cup of coffee... and so much more at Victoria Station!




There are some great everyday deals on good coffee out and about these days (nothing personal, but I am not a Dunkin Donuts fan... for a lot of reasons).

Cumberland Farms has a great cup of joe for only a buck - every day! Such a deal!

Xtra Mart offers a FREE cup of liquid deliciousness on the first day of every month! (I always feel to guilty to take advantage of this, but the offer exists).

However, another option is available when you are looking for a cup of coffee, or any of those other coffee type drink offerings, great tasty pastries & such, in a cozy & welcoming environment where you can visit with a friend or even spend some quality time with yourself, you must go to Victoria Station in downtown Putnam.

For the record, I could never work there, because all the items are too tempting. I'd eat all day, and then I'd still owe them money at the end of the day! It is that good.

I love to visit Victoria Station with out of town or out of state friends and family. It is an impressive place to walk into,  and then smell and taste the delights. Such charm and exceptional everything in little old Putnam. Who knew? We all know!!!

Monday afternoon I have a scheduled visit there with my pal, Chief Ranger Bill of The Last Green Valley.... what should I have????? Maybe the "Snow White" coffee.... Oh the decisions!!!

Check out Victoria Station when you are in downtown Putnam. Call me - I'll meet you there!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves everything at Victoria Station!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shower tune competition is on! Sign up now!!!

Tonight the shower tune throw down competition began in the best house in Putnamania....

The birth of this new entertainment/competition originated in a most peculiar fashion.

My hubby was feeling a bit down after a few rotten and challenging days of work, then he came home to more repetitive paperwork to fill out regarding his father's passing last year.

Unbeknownst to me, I was able to cheer him up immediately... by singing the best song ever, my favorite and yours ~ Copacabana, by Barry Manilow, while I was in the shower!

From wearing a frown and grumbling, he turned into a giggling guy on the other side of the shower curtain, telling me to "belt it out"!!!
From there I challenged him to "bring it on" the next time he is in the shower. You know he won't be able to resist!

Making fun out of nothing at all! (I think there is also a great song about that notion, too)!

Good times!

And now, I challenge you to partake in the Shower Tune Competition! Let me know how you make out!

Check out this marvelous version of Copa that Barry did on Dancing With the Stars.

I am a Putnamaniac that will WIN the shower tune competition in our house!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sp-aaaaaaaaa-ring is in the air!

Yes sir!

We still have quite a bit of snow everywhere in NECT...
and the temps are slated to be under freezing all week...


BUT... (and this is a BIG BUT)....

... the snow is melting....

... the birds are chirping a new song in the early morning...

... the sun is staying out longer every evening...

... we feel like it is heavenly warmth when we have 2 days in a row with temps over 35...

...  daylight savings time starts in less than 2 weeks!...

... people are starting to have a lot of pep in their steps...

... vegetable gardens are being planned...

... bicycle tires are being filled with air...

... kite flying adventures are being planned...

... cars are being washed...

... so, spring is indeed in the air!!!

 Some hydrangeas from an early spring years ago...

What signs have you been seeing, hearing or feeling?

I am a Putnamaniac that is loving all the signs of spring in the air!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Laminating an 8 year old!

Yesterday we laminated an 8 year old at Chase Graphics!


Well, let me rephrase that...

We laminated the school project about Walt Disney, done by an 8 year old student.

It.... was.... AWESOME!!!

Done on an approximately 2' x 2' poster board, this young gentleman had arranged all sorts of information about Walt Disney's life and creations.

This kid did an awesome job on his project. In fact, his body of work seemed to be well on its way to equaling that of  a youthful Walt D himself.

 Note: This is not the project that was laminated, but a kindly view of Walt and Mickey

As it was my first lesson on the laminator, the words "you only get one shot at doing it right" loomed large... luckily my skilled coworker, instructor and mentor masterfully operated the machine and enhanced this sure to be A+ project even more!

The lesson here is that Chase Graphics, a great local business, does most anything and everything you can think of when it comes to graphics, printing, copying, and even laminating!

Think of Chase and other local businesses first. They take pride and ownership of what they do, and they are great at what they do.

You can even "like" Chase Graphics on facebook here.

I am a Putnamaniac that was pretty impressed by the project that was laminated by Chase Graphics for an 8 year old creator!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things learned from a dripping ceiling!

After just purchasing a new home last September, we are still getting to know her.

There are so many wonderful things about this home, just as we imagined, especially after we fixed her all up, treated her with respect, and handled her with some tendering loving care.

However, as you may know from experience, there are some other things in any building that may lurk... not always pleasant things.

Thankfully the only glitch we've found to date is this little leak in the sun room ceiling:

This discovery/dilemma is driving my husband crazy... We knew the roof would cause some problems and that we'd tackle it in the spring, solving it completely. This winter, though, has been quite a bear, with lots of snow, ice, and freezing temps. Enter ~ unwanted leak.

Growing up in a house that seemed to always have some "glitch" going on; flooded basements, no heat, holes in the bathroom wall (so while taking a shower you could high five someone going down the basement stairs that were on the other side of the wall, next to the tub), I never felt in control.

Once I "grew up", I vowed to be in control of my living space. It was wonderful to learn that when you spot a little "glitch", you could certainly fix it, or hire someone more skilled to fix it for you!

What a breath of fresh air! Control! Responsibility!

So although this little leak is a bit inconvenient, and unsightly at the moment, I am happy to know that it will soon be fixed on the outside by my hands on and fabulously talented hubby, and I will fix up the inside.

Problem - solved.

Easy as that!

Take responsibility and control of your life. Sounds simple, but it is not always done. Be proud of what you have and who you are!!!

I am a Putnamaniac that learns some great things from a dripping ceiling!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Somehow, forcing yourself outside in spite of the weather is always beneficial! Honest!

One must entertain oneself as best they can, no matter the circumstances.

My mother taught me this as a child. When we did anything, even a rotten task like cleaning out our closet, we made it fun.

Former bosses, known as "The Chief" and "The Hen" taught it to me as we also had fun no matter what was asked of us. These bosses also joined in the dirty tasks, so if they could do it, then of course I was happy to do it, too.

So... as much as winter is not my favorite time of year... I am thanking my lucky stars that I once again have an opportunity to work with a fabulous, fun, hard working and supportive team.

Better yet... this place is just 1 mile away from my home!!!

I vowed that I would walk to and from work every day, no matter what, with the exception of rain. (That is because I am so sweet, I just might melt in the rain)!

But seriously, I have been walking to work in the snow...lots of snow... and you know what? It is great! Somehow it makes you realize it is all not that bad. It is beautiful. It is invigorating.

So, I will get out ~ I will force myself out every day ~ and enjoy the benefits of winter, and I will try not to begrudge the season.

I am a Putnamaniac that forces myself out in the winter and enjoys the benefits!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My green lights are now a-glowing - Turn the winter white blahs into some green silly fun!

Here is my front door - as of tonight - and it will stay this way for a month.

I did "cartoonize" the photo, and hopefully the icicles will be gone in a month, but otherwise, my front door will be framed by a couple of shades and shapes of green lights!

Why, oh why???

Simply because Northeast CT folks like to create their own fun when it might otherwise be in short supply. Perhaps during late winter... when the only colors around are usually drab or white.

In order to create a little fun and excitement, The Last Green Valley developed The Green Lights Campaign!

Individuals like myself, as well as businesses of all sorts join in and celebrate with green light displays, green dining specials, green shopping specials.

To find out what local businesses are participating and what sort of specials are offered, you can check The Last Green Valley's website, you can "like" The Last Green Valley on facebook, and be sure to "like" the newest addition to facebook in regards to this great community fun, The Last Green Valley Green Lights page here.

Along the way, you can enjoy lots of great stuff, and you can also learn just how much The Last Green Valley has to offer us who live here, and to those of you who visit often. If you have not yet visited, you will find a plethora of tantalizing info on the website, too! We will see you soon!

I am a Putnamaniac that has my green lights on and is loving them!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Best recliner ever ~ evidence = immediate snores!

Looks innocent enough, doesn't it??

Tan, corduroy.... lives in a nice home.... doesn't photograph well, but other than that is really quite innocent....


A body is innocently placed in the seat, and even more innocently chooses the recline position.

At that moment, the recliner has taken over and is victorious.

Proof positive is the immediate volley of snores that rip out of the reclining person in the reclining chair.

Most often this is my hubby. (I would take a picture of him as a snoring prisoner of this evil recliner,

It is very entertaining. Who needs tv???

Do not get fooled by an innocent looking piece of furniture in your home.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Green at this time of year - with all this snow? You betcha! Get on your green lights with The Last Green Valley!

As we dream of greener days approaching, and they will, we will produce a little green of a different sort in Northeast CT.

Join me and many others in the winter fun with The Last Green Valley's Green Light Campaign from February 15 through March 17, 2014!

Here is a shot of part of my green light display when I owned the condo during yet another New England snow storm last year (2013): 

Since this year is the first in some that I own a house (and yard) again, instead of a condo, I will be getting my green on for sure! I will not be in fear of upsetting the "condo police" nor breaking any rules!

What a refreshing burst of color - GREEN - in the middle of the winter blahs... and in the case of this winter, a lot of white (aka snow).

So many of our local NECT businesses join in the with TLGV's Green Light Campaign with specials of all sorts; restaurants offer dinner and drink specials, and the shops offer delightfully greenness as well.

Learn more about the Green Light Campaign here, and you can also "like" The Last Green Valley here on facebook. Be sure you don't miss out on any of the green in the winter days of NECT.

I am a Putnamaniac that can't wait to get my green on with TLGV's Green Light Campaign!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Sunday afternoon celebrating with the Bradley Playhouse, February 16, 2014!

Celebrate ~ local talent, local fun, local establishments!

This coming Sunday afternoon at 2pm, the Bradley Playhouse is having a Grand Reopening Gala!

Cheap fun! At just $10 per ticket, you can enjoy  seeing the newly renovated Bradley Playhouse with an afternoon of food and entertainment as we remember 20+ years of shows and celebrate the future! There will be a cash bar available, too. 

After the socializing and looks at the recent renovations, sit back and enjoy some local talent sing, act, and entertain you all around. 

Today I saw and spoke to Pat Green, the Bradley's ever working business manager. She confirmed that there are tickets still available!
Click here to purchase tickets online, call (860) 928-7887 to charge tickets by phone, or visit the Box Office 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

My ticket was purchased long ago, and I am lucky enough to be able to walk down to the show. I hope to see you there so we can enjoy some quality time together!

You can "like" the Bradley Playhouse on facebook here and keep up to date with all their shows and events. 

 I am a Putnamaniac that loves the Bradley Playhouse no matter what the show!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fire and Ice, Ice baby... downtown Putnam heats up with some fire and ice!

Looking for something to do ~ and more importantly something to brighten up this time of year that starts to drag on for some us...

As always, you can count on Putnamania to help you out by providing some fun festivities and a little distraction from the winter blues.

Friday and Saturday, February 14 & 15, 2014 offers a little Fire & Ice on the streets of downtown Putnam.
 Here is one of the ice sculptures I fell in love with at last year's Fire & Ice

There are ice sculptures, luminaries (candles lit in chunks of ice!), horse drawn carriage rides, hot chocolate at the church, music, and all of the local restaurants will have a Fire & Ice theme.

It was just beautiful last year, and this year promises to be even better. I can't wait and am planning to be there for a dusk into evening visit, so the sparkle of the fire & ice makes a heavenly impact.

Come on down! Bring the family, friends, and meet new ones!
Here are more details on the Discover Putnam website.

You can also "like" Discover Putnam on facebook so you will be up to date on all the fun events! Fun never ends in Putnamania!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves winter fun, like Fire & Ice!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The magical balancing act of soap containers!

Do you think this is a strange sight?

The other night I had a soap container that was way low... I mean way low, but not empty ~ there were still a few good hand washings left there in the bottom of that container.

So, being a good and frugal New Englander, I tipped the almost empty soap container onto another much fuller container. It was a great balancing act ~ one the Wallendas would have been proud of. It leaned against the wall, teetering on a fall at any moment as those last few hand washings dripped into the much younger container.

As the drip, drip, drip ensued, I went about my business, as I can keep myself quite busy.

Suddenly I heard a cackling from the bathroom. Outrageous laughter ~ perhaps even a mocking sound!

My husband was entirely entertained by this display of soap saving.

Could it be he had never seen such a thing in his almost 50 years?  Apparently not! He thought this was the funniest thing he'd seen in days!

Are you a frugal New England soap saver?

Please let me know where you stand!

I am a Putnamaniac and a frugal New Englander!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More letters that mean a lot in NECT ~ and they are KK!


I take for granted that everyone knows NECT stands for Northeast Connecticut.

If you didn't know, now you do!

We in NECT have all sorts of letters that when put together mean a lot to us all.

Take for instance KK.

If you listen to another bunch of great letters, WINY Radio, then you must know about KK.

KK, unlike the K's in my sports collection, which are used to indicate strike outs by awesome Red Sox pitchers, in NECT stands for a great hard working, musical, sweet, articulate, thoughtful, funny, lady with a great sense of humor and community.

She is at work long before 6am, which means that she rises long before most of us average daytime workers. And she is sincerely pleasant about it.

I consider myself a morning person. However, I am a solitary early morning person. I enjoy those early morning moments by myself. She shares them with multitudes of listeners and coworkers.

If you have not figured out what the special letters KK stand for, listen to WINY Radio each morning from 6am-9am. She is on air then with the morning show, and later is out and about reporting local news and arranging the rest of the news team's efforts as the news director.

Think you know who it is???? If you guessed Mary Tyler Moore, you are close! KK can also turn the world on with her smile, and suddenly take a nothing day and make it all seem worthwhile...

KK in NECT is none other than Kerensa Konesni.

KK, we salute and appreciate your hard work and pleasantly positive attitude while you do it! You sure do make my days start out on a pleasant note!

Check out a little glimpse of what goes on at WINY Radio and what KK and the whole WINY team does! 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the letters of NECT and what they stand for!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Balentimes Day is coming soon!

Lots of kids call Valentines Day "Balentimes Day".

Come to think of it, I hear some grown ups say that, too!

Whatever you call it, it is almost here!

It is a day of love ~ a day to share love, to express love, to give gifts of love like chocolates, flowers, cards ~ any sort of thing that means something to both the giver and receiver.

It is a day for decorating, too!

Our sun room has a couple of artificial trees in it, and they stay up year round, decorated for each season or holiday as they near.

Here is one of our Balentimes Trees, with a special card under it, and the red ribbon on top is from the MD&GC heart shaped cookie delivered a couple of  years ago by my unspoken hero of yesterday's blog (written on 2/3/14)

Speaking of cards  and expressing love, today we received a lovely card from our friend Kat. After reading it, choking up, and being amazed at her thoughtfulness, I placed it under the heart tree.

Kat is a working mother ~ and she works both hard at work and as a mother, always doing the right thing, even if it takes the most effort. She is also in school. She also manages to take time to take care of herself and her health, cooking well and working out.

How on earth does she find the time to send a card to us for every occasion? Whether it is a thank you card, a halloween card, or simply a card to send a friendly hello, she not only finds the time, she takes the time.

Everyone should have such a friend as Kat. Everyone should try to be as good a friend as Kat.

I am a Putnamaniac that knows Balentimes Day is coming soon because we got a touching card from our friend Kat today!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Unspoken Heroes ~ so many of my friends! (Yes ~ I am bragging of my good taste)!

Do you know someone who just kind of does awesome stuff all the time, really quietly, but the impact is always huge?

Someone who would sneak over to your condo and leave you a Valentine's Day surprise, from one of your "imaginary boyfriends" with her partner in covert and secret undercover missions. (This is her husband of course).

This past year's surprise was from my "imaginary boyfriend", George Clooney!

This is someone who connects friends with friends. Her words are soft, thoughtful, fun, and powerful. 

She is an organizer and one who carries on lifelong fun and traditions, with one of the most popular events being a bus full of Christmas carolers, who hit the road, travel from home to home, and delight recipients with surprise choruses they shall never forget. 

Joining into community service and community events is a big priority for this unspoken hero ~ time spent volunteering at the local food banks, teaching a Real Estate course at QVCC, and participating in heart healthy events thanks to her sisterhood with Follow the Fifty are a few things that keep her occupied in her spare time ~ amazingly she finds spare time!

After the O'Putnam 5k, March 2013

On top of all this, she runs a successful real estate practice in Thompson, CT. You may have heard of them in this blog before, as I recently sold my condo and bought my house with the help of Johnston and Associates. 

So, although I do not want to drop any names and embarrass this humble and unspoken hero, her name rhymes with Hachael Pohnston, or Bachael Bohnston, or Machael Rohnston.... or Rachael Johnston.

Not only do I have this one great friend, an unspoken hero, but I have many others of the exact same caliber!

I am a Putnamaniac that is lucky to have friends that are unspoken heroes every day of the week!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The reputation of NECT people ~ it is all good!

This morning I attended a lovely breakfast put on by a local civic group.

Other than one member of the group, who I'm familiar with since we are both involved in another local organization, I'd met these other folks one other time so far.

Yet... and this is a big YET... they all welcomed us with open arms (literally handshakes and hugs).

Another acquaintance was at the event, traveling in from another part of the state.

As we left, she said something to the tune of  "It never fails to surprise me at what a close knit community the people of Northeast CT are, and how friendly they all are. It is so refreshing".

I like that tune!

It is why I love to live in Northeast CT, and it is also why I love the people here.

Generous, kind, friendly, outgoing, willing to chip in to help someone else describes the people I know to a tee.

A shot of some of the great people of NECT at the Putnam Memorial Day Parade of the past

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the reputations of the people I live with in NECT!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Purpose of public speaking...have a purpose, some passion, and like to talk (boy, do I like to talk)!

I am not fond of speaking about my feelings.... my poor hubby tries to get me to talk about that sort of thing all the time.

Of course, I do confide in him, and a few other very close, life long friends, but otherwise I prefer to refrain from that sort of conversation.

On the other hand, I love to work, and also love to talk about work when the time is right ~ and not actually interrupting the work itself!

I've found passion in all of my work and volunteering efforts, too.

Recently I have spoken publicly a few times on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT for some civic groups. It is wonderful that these groups allow me some of their precious time. Time is valuable. People are busy.

Have no fear that I will be asking for monetary donations. I will not, although they wouldn't be refused!

On the contrary, Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT is happy to raise our own funds. We ask only to speak on the need for volunteers in our ReStores and on our builds. We also mention the need for gently used items to be donated to our ReStores as well as shoppers to frequent our ReStores often.

If these requests are heard by listening ears, and then shared ~ and shared ~ and shared...  the ReStores will thrive and raise their own funds. This certainly helps accomplish the mission, which is to provide decent and affordable homes in our community.

So, if you have a community group, senior group, civic group, church group, or any group with ears,  I'd love to come and speak to you about Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT! You will become passionate about it, too!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to speak publicly and passionately about what I love!