Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Balentimes Day is coming soon!

Lots of kids call Valentines Day "Balentimes Day".

Come to think of it, I hear some grown ups say that, too!

Whatever you call it, it is almost here!

It is a day of love ~ a day to share love, to express love, to give gifts of love like chocolates, flowers, cards ~ any sort of thing that means something to both the giver and receiver.

It is a day for decorating, too!

Our sun room has a couple of artificial trees in it, and they stay up year round, decorated for each season or holiday as they near.

Here is one of our Balentimes Trees, with a special card under it, and the red ribbon on top is from the MD&GC heart shaped cookie delivered a couple of  years ago by my unspoken hero of yesterday's blog (written on 2/3/14)

Speaking of cards  and expressing love, today we received a lovely card from our friend Kat. After reading it, choking up, and being amazed at her thoughtfulness, I placed it under the heart tree.

Kat is a working mother ~ and she works both hard at work and as a mother, always doing the right thing, even if it takes the most effort. She is also in school. She also manages to take time to take care of herself and her health, cooking well and working out.

How on earth does she find the time to send a card to us for every occasion? Whether it is a thank you card, a halloween card, or simply a card to send a friendly hello, she not only finds the time, she takes the time.

Everyone should have such a friend as Kat. Everyone should try to be as good a friend as Kat.

I am a Putnamaniac that knows Balentimes Day is coming soon because we got a touching card from our friend Kat today!

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