Sunday, February 2, 2014

The reputation of NECT people ~ it is all good!

This morning I attended a lovely breakfast put on by a local civic group.

Other than one member of the group, who I'm familiar with since we are both involved in another local organization, I'd met these other folks one other time so far.

Yet... and this is a big YET... they all welcomed us with open arms (literally handshakes and hugs).

Another acquaintance was at the event, traveling in from another part of the state.

As we left, she said something to the tune of  "It never fails to surprise me at what a close knit community the people of Northeast CT are, and how friendly they all are. It is so refreshing".

I like that tune!

It is why I love to live in Northeast CT, and it is also why I love the people here.

Generous, kind, friendly, outgoing, willing to chip in to help someone else describes the people I know to a tee.

A shot of some of the great people of NECT at the Putnam Memorial Day Parade of the past

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the reputations of the people I live with in NECT!

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