Friday, February 28, 2014

A DEEEElicious cup of coffee... and so much more at Victoria Station!




There are some great everyday deals on good coffee out and about these days (nothing personal, but I am not a Dunkin Donuts fan... for a lot of reasons).

Cumberland Farms has a great cup of joe for only a buck - every day! Such a deal!

Xtra Mart offers a FREE cup of liquid deliciousness on the first day of every month! (I always feel to guilty to take advantage of this, but the offer exists).

However, another option is available when you are looking for a cup of coffee, or any of those other coffee type drink offerings, great tasty pastries & such, in a cozy & welcoming environment where you can visit with a friend or even spend some quality time with yourself, you must go to Victoria Station in downtown Putnam.

For the record, I could never work there, because all the items are too tempting. I'd eat all day, and then I'd still owe them money at the end of the day! It is that good.

I love to visit Victoria Station with out of town or out of state friends and family. It is an impressive place to walk into,  and then smell and taste the delights. Such charm and exceptional everything in little old Putnam. Who knew? We all know!!!

Monday afternoon I have a scheduled visit there with my pal, Chief Ranger Bill of The Last Green Valley.... what should I have????? Maybe the "Snow White" coffee.... Oh the decisions!!!

Check out Victoria Station when you are in downtown Putnam. Call me - I'll meet you there!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves everything at Victoria Station!

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