Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sidewalks tell a lot ~ especially about my friends!

Sidewalks tell a lot about the folks that live in and own the property that borders them.

This is especially true in the snowy wintertime.

I had a walking date with my friend Kat this morning.

As I jogged down the hill to her house, this is what I was welcomed with:

.... a nice clear and safe sidewalk. You can see the comparison and contrast of the opposite sort of sidewalk just next door.

This tells me my friend, as I already knew, always does the right and responsible thing. My friends are like that. They get up and do what you gotta do.

I am pretty happy to be so picky about my friends. They expect a lot out of themselves, they take care of their families, they give back to the community.

The simple things in life sure do make it a good one if you choose that path.

I am a Putnamaniac that knows that sidewalks can tell a lot about people!

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