Monday, March 17, 2014

Timely toots!

When you read or hear "timely toots", different things may come to your mind...

Come on now, we all now what one meaning of "toot" is! 

However, what I mean by "timely toots" is when you are out walking, jogging, or propelling yourself around town using another means of transportation that is not a four wheeled gas and/or electric powered vehicle, and you get a friendly "honk, honk, toot, toot" from those aforementioned vehicles.

Sometimes on foot (or bike) you are dogging it and yet so close to home, or facing an uphill battle with a tough hill, just wondering if you can do it... and there goes an old pal in their car, with a timely "toot"!

Those little toots help us out a lot!

Don't be shy when you see your pals, or even strangers out walking, jogging, biking. Lay a friendly and timely "toot" on your horn. A big smile and wave out the window is a big boost, too! You will see an increase in the step and pace of those you grace with your toots! We will hope to be able to gladly repay the favor, and send out a timely toot to you someday, too!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves a timely toot!

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