Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accidentally checking out your own brother! (Well, he is a cutie pie)

As I walked home from work tonight, or since it was so windy, I should say, as I was pushed home from work tonight, lots of cars passed by.

One fellow traveler reminded me a bit of my brother, Si.

That reminded me of the time I was driving somewhere some years back, and passed 4 handsome young men getting out of a car.

Since they were handsome, I was looking!

As I looked a bit closer, I realized one was my very own younger brother, Si!

Here is a picture of Si and his honey at a family party last spring

His friends noticed a passing girl was checking them out - imagine how funny they thought it was when Si told them. "hey, that is my sister"!

I don't care one bit. My little brother is not only a cutie pie, he is a good guy, a hard worker, and has a big & generous heart.

You would have checked him out, too!

I am a Putnamaniac that is not afraid to admit I checked out my own cute brother!

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