Thursday, October 1, 2015

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When life gets busy, you find a new way to do what you love!

This Putnamania blog was a way for me to focus on something really special and good every day!

It became my habit to look for and easily find an outstanding scene, person, event or feel good story every day. I maintained that wonderful routine for a few years! It was a great feeling.

It is still my habit to seek out something wonderful each day, however, my life situation has changed so much, that I very rarely have the time to sit and capture it completely in a blog.

Someday I will find the time again.

In the meantime.... I have begun posting quick blurbs as time allows on the Putnamania facebook page.

Enjoy as often as you can, and always feel free to point out and share the wonders you see before you each day!

I am a Putnamaniac that sure can get busy doing the things I love!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A bird feeder with a cat watchdog!

Anyone who feeds the birds knows the suffering of the always attacking squirrels.

Many attempts at thwarting the 4-legged thieves are made. Double-sided tape is wrapped around the pole holding up the feeders. No good.

Grease is smeared on the pole, but the squirrels keep trying until that has worn away and they can still make the climb to the most delicious seed.

Edwin Way Teale professes in his book, A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm, to hanging a feeder to a thin wire from a tree branch. He moves it out further a little at a time to see just how far the squirrels can jump and still get to the feeder. He discovers that when the feeder is finally out of the reach of the squirrels, they still jump wholeheartedly, hitting the feeder, sending the seed flying, where they can then just eat off of the ground. Squirrels surely get an A+ for effort.

You buy feeders that say they are squirrel proof, but somehow the furry beasts eventually find a way.

This morning as I was driving out of my neighborhood to work, I spotted a great sight.

Not the usual pesky squirrels at the feeders, but a big, fat, black cat sitting under my neighbor's feeder, eyes focusing upwards, and tail swishing.

Lesson learned is that nature does what it does.
Put food out, and it is survival of the fittest, or the most acrobatic, as to who gets it.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to see what happens out my window! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taking a look at a port-o-john, through the eyes of Jimi G.

I have this friend.

He is very sincere, enthusiastic, hard working, fun, nice, thoughtful, smart, talented... and he is really not a close friend.

We have spent very little time together, but the few minutes here and there are always some of the most valuable and pleasant that I spend with anyone.

When I see his smiling face in a crowd, or sitting somewhere, the magnetic pull is irresistable.


Because we have conversations like this:

"I love my daughters. They grew up so fast!"

"Look at that mother over there, bending down to the stroller, smiling and having fun with her little one. We are seeing that! Isn't it a great thing!"

"That forgotten 45 your requested on WINY Radio was GREAT!"

...and one of the best one's yet... "I remember going along the river trail one day, and there was a guy there cleaning the port-o-john. He was whistling, and going about his job with great pride. He cleaned the inside, then the outside. He was not ashamed or embarrassed of his job. He was proud to be doing a fantastic job! Isn't that great?!"

Yes - it is.

It is also great to know people that value the goodness, hard work and sincerity of others.

THAT is why I love my friends, and that is why I am pulled like a magnet to them, and opposed to those who do not see the value in these precious things.

I am a Putnamaniac that sticks with those who see the good and rise above all else! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unloading a truck on a rainy day can be fun!

My momma always taught us kids how to have fun!

Whether you were cleaning your closet, out in the woods picking blueberries together, snapping green beans from the garden for canning, babysitting your little brother and sister or having homemade apple crisp in the fresh fall air for dessert, have fun doing it!

That advice has been followed and revisited successfully many times over the years. Somethings are much easier to have fun doing, but you can pretty much always talk yourself into fun!

That happened today!

The Last Green Valley's Walktober brochures were ready to be delivered, and half were coming to my garage. The old truckster followed me up Rte. 395 in the pouring rain, backed in to the driveway, and we unloaded 3 pallets or approximately 12,000 Walktober brochures! One guy in the truck handing each box to me and the other guy one by one.

It was fast, it was fun, we laughed about getting in our much needed cardio work.

It is amazing what a smile and a good attitude can do!

I'm a Putnamaniac that is happy to unload a truck full of boxes in the rain any day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The dreaded colonoscopy - not so dreaded!

Since I am of "that age" now, it is colonoscopy time. It was actually 5 years ago, but I now have a schedule that will allow such things as taking care of myself medical appointment-wise.

Colonoscopy! You hear the stories, oh boy do you hear the stories... and of course they are all very dramatic stories. The prep - good lord - the prep!!!!

Somehow I think that hearing those horror stories make things so much easier to do than you think they will be!

Braced for the horrific "prep", I completed the mission so easily I thought I might be missing something. I read the instructions, then I read them about 652 more times. I had followed them, and it was no big deal. In advance proactive strike attempt, I had cut down my food intake quite a bit in the week or so before, and I was hoping being a vegetarian would be somewhat helpful. Perhaps that was helpful, or perhaps it was just easy for me, or perhaps some people really love to dramatize!

Living in the community here is northeast CT and Putnam in particular, makes it easy to want to take care of yourself, in case just wanting to live the longest, healthiest life possible by taking care of things in your control is not enough motivation.

It is a medical minded community. In fact I walked to the hospital for the procedure since it is only about 2 miles away.

People care about each other. People stress the importance of routine checkups and tests. People share stories of how these tests have saved them by detecting things early so they could be treated. The Deary Cancer Fund is HUGE in this area. WINY Radio hosts guests from the medical community frequently. So although most of these folks don't know this Putnamaniac personally, I still feel that they care for my health and well being, as I care for theirs.

Generations is our family's medical choice, because it is very convenient. Their staff, from the folks you check in at the desk with, to the APRNs and Docs themselves are SUPERB.

Generations refers to Day Kimball Hospital, and this local facility is a blessing to those of us who have it so close by.

Imagine your job is to be on a team that performs colonoscopies. They were the brightest, happiest, most pleasant team I could hope for!

The procedure itself was unmemorable. I fell asleep and woke up to find it was all complete, plus I got a much needed glass of water and a granola bar. Add snacks to any equation and I am sold!

So, march onward in your health care. Be proactive! You know your body better than anyone. You take care of your car, your yard, your home... right? Add yourself to the list! You are worth it!

I am a Putnamaniac that will not think of it as the "dreaded" colonoscopy any longer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

River Fire!!!!! I mean RIVER FIRE!!!!!

I do mean RIVER FIRE!!!!

All caps, all the way!!! I love RIVER FIRES just that much!

There are 3 river fires, I mean RIVER FIRES, every year in Putnam.

Ever since I first moved to CT from RI some years ago, RIVER FIRES have been 3 of my favorite nights of the year!

Some years I can't make all 3, but it is always my goal.

There is a concert in the bandstand in Rotary Park on Kennedy Driver before the fires are lit on the Quinebaug River.

We all sit and watch the concert and entertainment, cheering wildly, singing, simply loving life. Then we all turn and face the water and watch the fire pots dance and reflect on the waters. The music continues on through this mesmerizing time, thanks to WINY Radio and Karen O's fabulous music choices.

Voila! It is all magical.

I invite you to come and enjoy a river fire, I mean RIVER FIRE this summer!
The schedule is:
*Saturday, July 18th, with the Britishmania concert pre-RIVER FIRE
*Saturday, August 8th, day of the Deary Races, and day before the Main Street Car Cruise and the ARC duck race
*Saturday, September 12th.

Come on down to enjoy Putnamania and tons of things great and small, all within walking distance from the RIVER FIRES!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves RIVER FIRES!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Aren't we all kids at heart when it comes to fireworks?

Why else would bazillions of people gather to sit outside and look up to the dark skies, waiting and waiting for the brilliant and loud displays?

Simply because we do love fireworks.

Everyone cheers, whistles, oooooohs & ahhhhhhhs!

Northeast CT offers some great fireworks, and the towns plan in conjunction with each other so you can see more than one show!

Last week Killingly held their Red, White & Blue BBQ, concert and fireworks to great applause.

Putnam has their concert and fireworks coming up this weekend, Saturday, July 11th, with the music starting out at 7:15 (featuring the Johnny Press Mess), and fireworks blasting off at 9:15. (Note the rain date is Sunday, July 12th if needed).

Putnamaniacs converge in Rotary Park for all of this fun!

This year you will want to plan accordingly since the Rte. 44 (Pomfret Street) bridge at Cargill Falls, beside WINY Radio, is under construction and closed. There will be no parking at all on Church Street down to Putnam Supermarket (that is the road that runs along the Quinebaug River and you see from Rotary Park; the town hall and police station are on it, too.)

No worries, plan your time and parking. Come early, stay late. Enjoy! Life is too short not to "ooooh and ahhhh" at as many fireworks as you can!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves fireworks as often as possible!