Saturday, January 20, 2018


Everyone knows that (( )) means hugs!

((KG)) means my friend KG - Kathy Moore Guertin - Gives GREAT hugs.

She is a sweet and kind soul.

Her work email signature is "Smile and make somebody's day" - or something quite close to that.

KG gives out hugs and smiles because she believes in their power.

They are powerful, and thoughtful, and sincere.

((KG)) makes many of my days better.

Every photo I looked at just now is all KG all the way. Beaming with goodness.

Since that is the case, I could not decide on one, but share ((KG)) with all of you. She is always a smile and a bright spot of sunshine at any time of day or season.

What would my world be like without KG and ((KG))? Glad I don't have to know that!

If you know KG, you are a lucky one, too. If not, I hope you have someone just like KG in your life.

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