Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pulling KP duty in northeast CT is always a good thing!

For people of a certain age, "KP" duty might have negative connotations.

In northeastern CT we have Kathi Peterson, known to me as "KP."

I am very lucky to pull "KP" duty once a month. I've been doing it for a few years. I would do it more if I could.

What is "KP" duty and why do I love it?

 Meet my "KP"

Ann Kathi Peterson lines up the volunteers for the Daily Bread, our local food bank, a branch of IHSP (Interfaith Human Services of Putnam).

For a few minutes a month, I get to see a great team! Cindy, Cathy, Doug, Mara, Bob. 

Karen Osbrey is the ever-giving President of this organization, who vowed to do the "job" for as long as she was needed to do it.  Karen O can spout out the numbers, the impact, the needs, the benefits. When you hear these stats, amazingness sets in.

Terri & Bill chip in a lot of their time, too, along with many other dedicated souls to "KP" duty. 

Tonight our monthly time was cut off due to mother nature and some flying critters - that is a story for another day.

Take a look at this story about "KP", look at the smile and tell me you would not be stepping up for "KP" duty when it calls for your community.

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