Saturday, January 6, 2018

Do you find the waiting is the hardest part or do you love anticipation?

Driving home tonight I sang along with Tom Petty, belting out "The Waiting is the Hardest Part."

The next song in my Putnam Ford Escape sing-a-long was Carly Simon's "Anticipation."

You might be thinking that the DJ spinning those discs was a genius by playing these songs back to back....

I mean - the waiting is the hardest part, and then combo ever!

However, I found these songs, played one after the other, on different stations, as I played the radio scan game!

But, the songs got me thinking.

Are you one who finds waiting hard, or do you love anticipating whatever it may be?

For one, I love some anticipation. At Christmas, you could wrap up an empty box and give it to me. I'm happy to NEVER open it, and just anticipate what it may be.... and wait for Christmas to always be in the future and something to look forward to.

As a child, my thinking was different. I could not wait to be a teenager, then to get my license, then to be 18.... My grandmother, "Nanna Moone" cautioned me that soon time would go by too quickly so don't wish my life away. She knew what she was talking about!

Currently, there are so many fun events and things to do in all seasons here in northeast Connecticut, and especially in Putnam, that it is easy to anticipate the next big thing, and sometimes the waiting is the hardest part!

But, time does fly and before you know it, the fun has come and gone and you are anticipating the next great thing!

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