Friday, January 12, 2018

Hen life while picking a little and talking a little!

Bauckkkkkk, bauckkkk, bauckkkk....

The hens were clucking in the early morning drizzle and fog as I approached the home of my friend this morning.

You know that sound, right?

Within an instance, my friend Kat and I were soon clucking away ourselves as only we can.

We laughed about how we sound like the girls in the hen house.

Her husband agreed and turned on his heels to leave us to cluck some more.

Thinking of how my dear Kat and I can cluck right along always makes me think of this scene and song from The Music Man.

Amazingly it has a million tie-ins to "the story of Kat & Marcy" but the easiest segue is to mention that The Music Man is coming to the Bradley Playhouse in August!

Pick a little, talk a little!
Have fun with your friends! 

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