Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Somehow, forcing yourself outside in spite of the weather is always beneficial! Honest!

One must entertain oneself as best they can, no matter the circumstances.

My mother taught me this as a child. When we did anything, even a rotten task like cleaning out our closet, we made it fun.

Former bosses, known as "The Chief" and "The Hen" taught it to me as we also had fun no matter what was asked of us. These bosses also joined in the dirty tasks, so if they could do it, then of course I was happy to do it, too.

So... as much as winter is not my favorite time of year... I am thanking my lucky stars that I once again have an opportunity to work with a fabulous, fun, hard working and supportive team.

Better yet... this place is just 1 mile away from my home!!!

I vowed that I would walk to and from work every day, no matter what, with the exception of rain. (That is because I am so sweet, I just might melt in the rain)!

But seriously, I have been walking to work in the snow...lots of snow... and you know what? It is great! Somehow it makes you realize it is all not that bad. It is beautiful. It is invigorating.

So, I will get out ~ I will force myself out every day ~ and enjoy the benefits of winter, and I will try not to begrudge the season.

I am a Putnamaniac that forces myself out in the winter and enjoys the benefits!

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