Monday, February 3, 2014

Unspoken Heroes ~ so many of my friends! (Yes ~ I am bragging of my good taste)!

Do you know someone who just kind of does awesome stuff all the time, really quietly, but the impact is always huge?

Someone who would sneak over to your condo and leave you a Valentine's Day surprise, from one of your "imaginary boyfriends" with her partner in covert and secret undercover missions. (This is her husband of course).

This past year's surprise was from my "imaginary boyfriend", George Clooney!

This is someone who connects friends with friends. Her words are soft, thoughtful, fun, and powerful. 

She is an organizer and one who carries on lifelong fun and traditions, with one of the most popular events being a bus full of Christmas carolers, who hit the road, travel from home to home, and delight recipients with surprise choruses they shall never forget. 

Joining into community service and community events is a big priority for this unspoken hero ~ time spent volunteering at the local food banks, teaching a Real Estate course at QVCC, and participating in heart healthy events thanks to her sisterhood with Follow the Fifty are a few things that keep her occupied in her spare time ~ amazingly she finds spare time!

After the O'Putnam 5k, March 2013

On top of all this, she runs a successful real estate practice in Thompson, CT. You may have heard of them in this blog before, as I recently sold my condo and bought my house with the help of Johnston and Associates. 

So, although I do not want to drop any names and embarrass this humble and unspoken hero, her name rhymes with Hachael Pohnston, or Bachael Bohnston, or Machael Rohnston.... or Rachael Johnston.

Not only do I have this one great friend, an unspoken hero, but I have many others of the exact same caliber!

I am a Putnamaniac that is lucky to have friends that are unspoken heroes every day of the week!

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