Friday, February 21, 2014

Laminating an 8 year old!

Yesterday we laminated an 8 year old at Chase Graphics!


Well, let me rephrase that...

We laminated the school project about Walt Disney, done by an 8 year old student.

It.... was.... AWESOME!!!

Done on an approximately 2' x 2' poster board, this young gentleman had arranged all sorts of information about Walt Disney's life and creations.

This kid did an awesome job on his project. In fact, his body of work seemed to be well on its way to equaling that of  a youthful Walt D himself.

 Note: This is not the project that was laminated, but a kindly view of Walt and Mickey

As it was my first lesson on the laminator, the words "you only get one shot at doing it right" loomed large... luckily my skilled coworker, instructor and mentor masterfully operated the machine and enhanced this sure to be A+ project even more!

The lesson here is that Chase Graphics, a great local business, does most anything and everything you can think of when it comes to graphics, printing, copying, and even laminating!

Think of Chase and other local businesses first. They take pride and ownership of what they do, and they are great at what they do.

You can even "like" Chase Graphics on facebook here.

I am a Putnamaniac that was pretty impressed by the project that was laminated by Chase Graphics for an 8 year old creator!

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