Monday, February 17, 2014

My green lights are now a-glowing - Turn the winter white blahs into some green silly fun!

Here is my front door - as of tonight - and it will stay this way for a month.

I did "cartoonize" the photo, and hopefully the icicles will be gone in a month, but otherwise, my front door will be framed by a couple of shades and shapes of green lights!

Why, oh why???

Simply because Northeast CT folks like to create their own fun when it might otherwise be in short supply. Perhaps during late winter... when the only colors around are usually drab or white.

In order to create a little fun and excitement, The Last Green Valley developed The Green Lights Campaign!

Individuals like myself, as well as businesses of all sorts join in and celebrate with green light displays, green dining specials, green shopping specials.

To find out what local businesses are participating and what sort of specials are offered, you can check The Last Green Valley's website, you can "like" The Last Green Valley on facebook, and be sure to "like" the newest addition to facebook in regards to this great community fun, The Last Green Valley Green Lights page here.

Along the way, you can enjoy lots of great stuff, and you can also learn just how much The Last Green Valley has to offer us who live here, and to those of you who visit often. If you have not yet visited, you will find a plethora of tantalizing info on the website, too! We will see you soon!

I am a Putnamaniac that has my green lights on and is loving them!

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