Thursday, September 5, 2013

Do not move it yourself - hire RF Clemens for an easy and delightful transition!

Over the years I have moved - a LOT!

I kinda like to move.., it is exciting and always a new challenge.

Years ago, I would move the way lots of people do it.

I'd enlist friends, family, anyone with a truck and a muscle.

It was stressful.... people complained.... sofas bounced out of trucks into the road... and finally your little brother tells you in a most dramatic fashion "That is it - I'm not helping you move ever again"!

On my move back from PA to CT, I hired a big named moving company. They were very pricey.

The driver showed up with a big truck - and no one else. Apparently he could not get anyone to help him that day since it was a bit drizzly out. Generally a trusting soul, my thoughts couldn't help but wonder if perhaps he thought he'd make more if it were just him and no one else to share the pay with.

So, he and I loaded the big named moving company's truck. I was knocking on the door of age 50, but luckily I was in good shape.

When the truck arrived in CT, here was this same driver - alone.

So again, he and I unloaded the big named moving company's truck. Bear in mind, I PAID FOR A MOVER AND WAS DOING HALF THE WORK. The driver was happy to tell me that since we made such a good team loading in PA that we would certainly be able to team up again to unload.

I learned my lesson and so when I moved again, I called the highly recommended and local Northeast CT guys at RF Clemens (860-928-6024).

Clemens moved me on a day of absolute down pouring rain! They were prompt, neat, polite, careful, efficient, swift, very reasonably priced and showed attention to detail. They asked if they were not sure of something... All in all they were GREAT.

As life would have it, I am moving again.... this will be the last time... no, really, it will be!

Of course, I called Clemens again.

Once again, they were great! I can't say enough about them. They make a move stress free and the are so affordable! If you are moving personally or for your business, RF Clemens are the guys to call. 860-928-6024.

I am a Putnamaniac that is so impressed by the great local movers at RF Clemens in Putnam!

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