Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grandma's molasses reminds me of... well, my grandma!

I've been cooking a lot lately... I mean a lot!

Long gone and sorely missed are the days of eating a bag of steam fresh veggies at the end of a day and moving on to more entertaining and fun things!

All this cooking brings back memories, though. Lots of great memories.

Just a look at this jar of molasses now residing in my kitchen cabinet makes me smile and relive so many old days...

Grandma's Molasses - yup, that is all it takes for a flood of memories of my grandmother, Nanna Moone, and all her great cooking.

This jar is in residence now for its role in the old family baked bean recipe. It has been handed down for at least 3 generations, and those beanies always get rave reviews and requests for encores! Apparently, I have now picked up the baton and am a family maestro! 

Remembering not only my great moments with Nanna, a Nanna who lived next door to me until I was 10 years old and her bean recipe, but also her recipe for gingerbread. It was one of the first recipes I made as a kid, on a cold winter day, to warm up the house, and fill it with the smell and taste of deliciousness.

Ahhhhh, I dropped a spoonful of this memory inducing nectar into my coffee this morning, and recalled every tasty moment of the past.

I hope that you can enjoy a bit of a good memory today, too.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Grandma's Molasses and all the memories the sticky sweetness brings with it!

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