Thursday, May 22, 2014

Library fondess ~ I have that fever!

After walking early this morning with my friend, (the children's librarian at the Pearle Crawford Library in Dudley, MA), I was thinking about libraries & librarians and the effect they have on us.

Since we were little kids, my mom wheeled and then walked us over to the Davisville Free Library, down the road from our house.

We so loved to go! We got to pick out our own book each time, from ALLLLLL those choices!

That same excited bursts forth from me each time I venture into the Putnam Library to this day.

As a bit of a hobby, and perhaps something to keep me busy when I ever get to a life with a slower pace, I try to write children's stories starring Farmer Nubbins as the main character. One of the is about a library, of course. Here it is:

Can you guess one of Farmer Nubbins’ favorite places to go?
It is in a building that was built long ago.

Farmer Nubbins likes to walk to this special place.
When he opens the door and walks in, he gets a big smile on his face.

Once inside he learns about people, places, and things.
And he also learns which planet is encircled by rings.

This place has many desks and lots of shelves.
And you can also find out about fairies, trolls, and elves.
You can borrow things, if you have a special card.
Anyone can get one, it is not very hard.

Sometimes the kids get to make different crafts.
Once they made paper boats and popsicle stick rafts.

Another thing that happens here is the weekly story hour.
Hear stories of such things as princesses trapped in high towers.

Have you figured out this place by using the clues?
The animals here are not alive or in cages, so it is not the zoo.

A lot of you may guess that this place is a school.
That guess is close, you’re getting warmer, and that is cool!

Here are a few more hints to help you out…
You should speak softly here, please don’t shout.

This place has thousands of books to read.
That is a big hint indeed!

Farmer Nubbins is at his local library.
Libraries are great places, don’t you agree?

You should visit the library in your school or your town.
Pick out a book, pull up a chair, and sit right down!

Story Notes:
My mom used to walk us to the Davisville Free Library all the time when we were kids. We got so much enjoyment during those walks and learned an appreciation of reading at a young age. Part of the walk included crossing over the train track bridge, which is another whole story altogether.  We enjoyed the outdoors and the exercise to get there, as well as the time spent together, and finally an escape to another time and place through our stories. What could be better? 
Written 2006

I am a Putnamaniac that loves libraries and librarians!

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