Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Change your diapers - sometimes more easily said than done!

Being an older gal now, who never had children, I can still respect the cost of diapers.

Have you looked at them lately?

Diapers are something that babies and toddlers need, just like nourishment, sleep, love and guidance.

I'm not sure how some folks can keep up with the costs of raising a child - or children now a days.

In Putnam we are very lucky to have the IHSP (Interfaith Human Services), located in the Methodist Church on the corner of Grove Street and Bradley Street.

There is a food bank there, as well as a diaper bank. Started by a woman, Helen Ferland, who witnessed such a place down south, she thought we could really use the same sort of organization here in NECT. So, organize she did.

The Diaper Bank is wildly successful!

They are holding a "Jam the Van" Diaper Drive this Friday, September 5 at WINY Radio, and on Saturday, September 6 at the Putnam Farmer's Market.

Please step up and help if you can.

The way I see it, if you help when you can, you may receive help when you need it.

Kindness, generosity, a smile, some diapers. Pass it on!

I am a Putnamaniac that wants to make sure diapers can be changed! 

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