Monday, September 8, 2014

The library and books have always been my passport ~ to where ever they take me!

Since we were little kids, we've gone to the library. 

Starting out by being pushed there in a stroller, to holding hands to cross the street with our mom, to independently riding our bikes, still strolling the racks to this very day in order to discover yet another world, some mind blowing history, or a new character, the library is ever a great place. You can take any book (or dvd and more now a days) home to enjoy! Libraries even help you set goals, since there is always a return date ~ an easy way to keep your good reading habits on track!

This is a cool program going on now in the participating QCR (Quiet Corner Reads) libraries: 
Go grab a passport at a participating library and get it stamped this September! Take your passport to at least five libraries on the list to be eligible to win a $150 gift card for adults or a $100 gift card for children. Participating QCR libraries: Brooklyn, Canterbury, Killingly, Mansfield, Pomfret, Putnam and Scotland.

Visit the QCR Facebook page to keep up to date with this awesome program here

I am a Putnamaniac that is now going to stamp my passport and head off to the Land of Oz in my current read, Out of Oz!


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