Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cleanups! YES - I am talking to YOU! You can make a difference! Proof enclosed!

Our Putnamaniac team does a bi-weekly cleanup. Some weeks we have as many as 6 of us, and lots of times just me.

We chose one particular area in our town that was asking for help. An area not very large, but hit hard by litterbugs.

For just one hour every other week, we meet at this spot and spend one hour cleaning up.

One hour - every other week. Not too demanding.

This morning was our first time back to do a cleanup after a very snowy spell, and although I was warned by another good community who had been out doing a stretch of town earlier himself, I wasn't prepared for what was found.

SHOCKING!!!! Our little area that we work so hard to keep clean was a disaster area.

In the usual hour, we covered only 1/3 of the territory, and picked up 3 times as much as usual. These photos do not show all the bags that were picked up!

After the cleanup was done, and feeling a little frustrated, I went out for a jog to clear the old noggin'. 

That did the trick.

What I realized was that just that one hour every other week done by Team Putnamania makes a difference. Before all the snow came and our cleanups were curtailed for a while, we had the litter under control enough that we could clean up our whole strip in that hour, and sometimes sooner!

Obviously some folks are just going to litter. I don't get it, but I do get that if more and more people join in on the cleanup side of things, it can be made manageable.

YOU can make a difference.
1) Choose a designated time.
2) Choose people you know that you can count on and who are interested in making their community a nicer place. Friends, family, neighbors, fellow church goers, coworkers....
3) Choose your cleanup location - it can be your own yard and the street in front of your house, or maybe your favorite stretch of road, or maybe something you drive by every day and shake your head at the mess.
4) Stick to that schedule and do it. Routines are easily made and kept.
5) Give yourselves a big pat on the back - brag! Tell people what you do. You will inspire them!

Now, everyone, get to work!

I am a Putnamaniac that knows we can all make a difference and our own community a better and more beautiful place!

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