Monday, June 22, 2015

Just look around you! What do you see? Are you missing out?

A few weeks ago I attended an outdoor festival in the town of Griswold, put on by their recreation department, for families with children. YouthTopia!

Perfect - and right up my alley!

The sky was overcast and downright foreboding that morning, and the wind was brisk.

Focus and swiftness were needed to set up in case of a downpour!
Unload the car - check.
Set up the tent and tables - check.
Ready for the event - check!

Chit chatted with families, telling them about who and what I was representing - The Last Green Valley (where I love to live, work and explore)! Lots of materials were passed out!

Then, there was a slight lull. I took a sip of water, took a breathe, turned around and saw this:

What a sight and sound right there before my eyes! How had I missed it? Doesn't it make you wonder what you might be missing?

Stop and look around once in a while! What a delight we may have right before (or behind) us!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to find what is right in front of my eyes (and sometimes behind my back)!


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