Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My garden days are always like spending a day with my poppa!

I am now past the age that my maternal grandfather (Poppa Si Moone) was when I was born.

He called me "Sweetie-Pie" and I was his shadow from the time I was born, until he retired and moved to Maine when I was about 10 years old.

Growing up we lived next door to Poppa & Nanna and all the uncles - 4 of them. 4 rotten uncles! They teased the heck out of me, but I could take it since any torture was worth spending time with my Poppa and Nanna.

I was in that garden between our houses from spring to summer to fall, helping Poppa; digging, hoeing, weeding, planting, learning, and all around having general fun. Downtown was spent sitting on his lap in their living/dining room.

When they moved I first experienced a broken heart, and I was HEARTBROKEN!

However, we all learn to keep on trucking in life, and I certainly survived.

To this day, when I am out in my yard and garden, I do feel my grandfather looking down over my shoulder, saying "Good job Sweetie-Pie", or maybe "Don't plant those quite so close".


I am a Putnamaniac that still likes spending time with my Poppa in the garden!


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