Wednesday, July 15, 2015

River Fire!!!!! I mean RIVER FIRE!!!!!

I do mean RIVER FIRE!!!!

All caps, all the way!!! I love RIVER FIRES just that much!

There are 3 river fires, I mean RIVER FIRES, every year in Putnam.

Ever since I first moved to CT from RI some years ago, RIVER FIRES have been 3 of my favorite nights of the year!

Some years I can't make all 3, but it is always my goal.

There is a concert in the bandstand in Rotary Park on Kennedy Driver before the fires are lit on the Quinebaug River.

We all sit and watch the concert and entertainment, cheering wildly, singing, simply loving life. Then we all turn and face the water and watch the fire pots dance and reflect on the waters. The music continues on through this mesmerizing time, thanks to WINY Radio and Karen O's fabulous music choices.

Voila! It is all magical.

I invite you to come and enjoy a river fire, I mean RIVER FIRE this summer!
The schedule is:
*Saturday, July 18th, with the Britishmania concert pre-RIVER FIRE
*Saturday, August 8th, day of the Deary Races, and day before the Main Street Car Cruise and the ARC duck race
*Saturday, September 12th.

Come on down to enjoy Putnamania and tons of things great and small, all within walking distance from the RIVER FIRES!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves RIVER FIRES!

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