Monday, May 13, 2013

Don't spit into the wind ~ or throw rocks!

I've spit into the wind a few times in my day.

The repercussions are not good. Lots of times that spit flies right back and lands on you. Eweeeee!

Today while I was jogging into the wind, but not spitting into it, I came across some young teen girls, trying their darndest to throw rocks down into the water... straight into the very strong wind.

The rocks were not going far.

The girls were getting frustrated, but couldn't seem to figure out why the rocks weren't flying that far.


I slowed down and let them know if they went up around the corner. where the wind would be blowing with them, the rocks would really fly. They did it. They had much more fun.

I'm willing to bet it takes them a few times to figure out not to spit into the wind.

After this jogging and thinking session, you know what song was playing in my mind....
Jim Croce's "You don't mess around with Jim".  Enjoy!

I am a Putnamaniac that tries not to spit into the wind (and onto herself)!

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