Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not learning to fly... Learned to fly!

As mentioned in the past, I stop at the Windham Airport to jog on my way home from work. I love to see the small planes landing and taking off. They literally come in right beside you, if you are at that part of the path.


Every single time I am there, and see those planes, I think of my friend, Kyle.

Kyle is less than half my age, and has always been a hard worker and all around good guy since he was quite young.

He wanted to learn to fly, and he did.

Kyle started taking lessons, and now has his Commercial Pilots Certificate.

This was a recent post on Horizon Aviation's facebook page:
“I am learning to fly because it is something that I have always wanted
to do, but I thought it would always be out of reach. I assumed if I wanted to learn to fly I would need to go to some far away college, where the costs would far out way the benefits. However, during one of my college classes a student told me that Horizon Aviation existed right at T.F. Green, in Providence, Rhode Island. So, I checked out the website and spent some time thinking about whether or not to call. I eventually did call and set up an Airman’s flight and after that flight I was hooked and knew I wanted to make a career in Aviation.” Kyle Schnaible just finished earning his Commercial Pilots Certificate with us and is now going a step further and is about to earn his Certified Flight Instructors certificate. Awesome job Kyle.

How awesome is it while I am spending some quality time jogging with myself, I get to think of how proud I am of Kyle and his accomplishments, while singing Tom Petty's Learning to Fly in my head!

It is exceptionally awesome! 

I am a Putnamaniac that is very proud of my friend, Kyle, that learned to fly!


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