Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do you worry about the cows out in a field in the lightning? Hmmmm... I do!

This might just be another sign that I can be a bit "different", but tonight as I was driving home again in the pouring rain, with lightning streaking everywhere in the sky, and thunder boomers rocking the ground, I was worrying about all the cows out in the fields.

(not my picture... found it online, but it gives you the idea)!

Sure, they are cows, and I am not even close to being considered an "animal" person, but....

...We are loaded with farms and fields and cows in Northeast CT.

I drive by tons of them on my way to work in Andover, and home again to Putnam.

I was a little worried about those moo-ers tonight, standing out there in a big field as Mother Nature pitched a fit.

Did you ever think of this or worry about them? I can surely worry about anything under the sun... and rain!

I am a Putnamaniac that was a little worried about the fields full of cows out in the lightning storm tonight!

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