Monday, June 17, 2013

Local entertainment ~ no traffic or late night rides home!

Do you love big concerts???

I do! And I went to see Dave Matthews Band last night at the big joint in Mansfield, MA that changes names so quickly that I can't keep up with it.

IT WAS GREAT! Great music and such a great crowd, spending time with great family/friends before the show, too.

However, every great show must come to an end... Then you get stuck in traffic, which seems like it lasts forever, and onward to the long drive home. It is late, you are tired, the adrenaline is gone, you're thinking about work early the next morning.....

Luckily right in downtown Putnam, we have great entertainment options available all the time. The crowds are not so imposing, the traffic is a breeze, and the travel time is next to nothing. I don't even have time for my car heater or A/C to kick in before I am already home!

Putnam has:

The Bradley Playhouse, which offers fine theatrical performances (musicals, dramas, comedies) as well as musical/concert type offerings from time to time as well.

The Complex Performing Arts Centre, which also offers fine theatrical performances (many unusual and challenging productions) as well as great performance classes for all ages.

The Stomping Ground offers live music every night! (Plus yummy food and drink).

Rotary Park hosts up River Fires a few times each summer, accompanied by some exceptional talent ~ some big names, like Linda Eder coming this summer ~ and some local talent, closing out each night with "Calgon take me away" type tunes provided by WINY Radio.

There are many more options like these within the Northeast CT borders, but these are all within 2 miles of my home. How sweet is that? Not many small towns can boast such options!

So, although I do like to go to a BIG expensive show, I am very spoiled to have the opportunity to see entertainment every bit as grand right here in my own back yard, for very little cost, and often times for FREE). I consider that a great addition to my quality of life.

Make your life one to enjoy.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves my local entertainment opportunities!

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