Friday, June 14, 2013

History can be a blast! A blast from the past!

Recently someone recommended the book The History of Windham County by Ellen Larned to me.

Since I have only lived in Windham County for a bit less than a decade (that is good historic sounding time frame, don't you think??), of course I wanted to get this book and investigate.

Although the book is filled with many names and many dates, I was happily amazed to see that I was familiar with many of the historical stories listed within the pages of this book.

This knowledge had come to me previously by just getting out and doing a lot of "stuff" around Northeast CT, including The Last Green Valley's Walktobers!

I learned about the New Roxbury area of Woodstock being settled by hearty folks from Roxbury, MA as I visited Roseland Cottage, aka The Pink House, and the burial grounds across the street.

On the Wolf Den Park hike I crawled in and out of (very quickly) the Wolf Den where Israel Putnam killed the last big, bad wolf in our area that had been terrorizing many a farmer and their herds.

The frogs croaked scarily in my imagination as I crossed the Frog Bridge in Willimantic and learned that entertaining story.

History can be a lot of fun. There were characters back then as there are today. Since it was such a different world and lifestyle back then, it seems even more fun to learn about it now.

Get out and discover the past!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves local history, and in fact, I think it is a blast!

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