Monday, February 2, 2015

Artique is an experience so sweet!

A social and artistic atmosphere in which you leave with a painting that you painted, with your own hands!

Have you tried it yet?

Whomever thought up this concept is super brilliant.

Thank goodness we have our own version of it right here in Putnam at Artique.

My first visit to Artique to participate in a paint night was just the other night.

As a surprise girls' night for me and my friend, and a good excuse to spend some quality time with her, I picked her up after work and headed into town.

She had no clue where we were going. As we walked in to the charming place, greeted by another friend, who is an art instructor there, we were gleaming and glowing with the excitement!

We felt like we were in one of those old commercials "Calgon, take me away", but instead of sitting in a bathtub filled with bubbles floating on a cloud, we became artists!

How relaxing and empowering all at the same time to create art! Yes, there is guidance, and in our case it was great guidance. Each of the 7 of us in attendance left with our own unique and precious creation.

It is an inexpensive night out with something to do that you would probably not otherwise do, unless you are an artist or crafter, of course.

Artique - just do it! Find your inner artist!

I am a Putnamaniac that loved the first of what will be many more visits to Artique!

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