Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do you love where you live? You should!

I have been very lucky to find a place that I love to live - and work - and play!  I Discovered Putnam!

Do you love where you live?

You absolutely should!

I don't mean your house, or condo, or apartment.

I mean the neighborhood, the community, the people, the places, the businesses, the library... everything that is a part of your life.

Of course I don't personally know every single one of these folks that I love, but I feel like I do. They are all so dedicated to doing a good job for not only themselves, but for their coworkers, customers, and clients. They help and support each other. They enhance each other rather than compete with each other.


Former neighbors text me to let me know when the UConn girls basketball team is playing in case I am busy working away and might forget about it.

Friends join me in volunteering and giving back because they are great giving and caring people.

Birthdays are shouted out on the local radio station, WINY Radio, a place that you call and they recognize most people's voices. Come on! I will bet that you can count this number of places in the world on your hand!

Events abound. You can find them listed on WINY's event calendar and The Last Green Valley's Calendar, too. The town gets packed, the constables assist the police force and everyone gets along AND has fun!

As you can see, I can go on and on and on.... and I do. I see something every single day that is positive, and I try to share that in this blog as often as I can.

One great woman in our community writes for a newspaper that covers our area, the Reminder News. She is beyond description. She is Denise Coffey.
Another great woman in our community is the Economic and Community Development Department director. She is Delpha Very.
Together they conspired to make me look good in this article, titled "Putnamaniac Marcy Dawley loves her town". 

I pale in comparison to every one mentioned above, whether specifically or in general. I am choosy, and I choose only the best to surround myself.

I am a Putnamaniac that is always lifted up by those I am surrounded by, and that is one reason that I love where I live! 

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