Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Team Longmeadow is truly a community and family team!

They are family and they treat everyone else like family, too!

Have you met Team Longmeadow?

Led by team leaders and Longmeadow Automotive co-owners Karyn & Rich DiBonaventura, Team Longmeadow has organized and raised unbelievable amounts of funds for a plethora of local organizations. They never stop, just rolling from one event to the next!

I think that I have a lot of energy and can accomplish a lot, but these folks put me to shame! Karyn and Rich are very hard workers, run a great business, have fun and pound out the community involvement.

These facts add up to two great people that you should get to know if you do not already. Join their team, and support their local business. Longmeadow Automotive offers vehicle sales and service that is the top of the heap! Stop by and meet them as soon as possible!

I am a Putnamaniac and cheerleader for and member of Team Longmeadow

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