Monday, April 22, 2013

Notables and Notorious ~ brought to you by The Last Green Valley!

The Last Green Valley has some great presentations they offer. They are very entertaining!

Tonight, I am headed to the Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library, in Dudley MA to enjoy this great topic of Notable & Notorious!

This is one of the most popular presentations, featuring Curious and Infamous Characters from The Last Green Valley. A TLGV Ranger(s) will introduce you to the more “interesting” people that lived in the region.  From colorful characters, to soldiers, statesmen and spies, to the well-know and not-so-well known entrepreneurs, The Last Green Valley was home to many people who, in their own unique way, shaped the region, state and country.

The Last Green Valley also has these other 25-30 minute Illustrated Power Point Programs for Your Organization

The Last Green Valley: It’s Where You Live-It's the last sliver of rural landscape along the northeastern seaboard of the United States, so unique that Congress designated the region a National Heritage Corridor.  Join our TLGV Ranger to celebrate the natural and cultural resources we share and discover how to ensure they remain for the next generation.

Connecting the Drops: Source to Sea Through The Last Green Valley-Join our TLGV Ranger on a “visual” paddle down rivers, streams, lakes and ponds of The Last Green Valley all the way to Long Island Sound.  Explore the water resources of the region and learn how to ensure good water quality for future generations.

On The Wild Side:  Exploring the Flora and Fauna of The Last Green Valley-The Last Green Valley is almost 80% undeveloped land with a multitude of opportunities for exploring the outdoors.  Whether hiking, paddling, pedaling, or simply observing wildlife, the region has a rich assortment of venues for enjoying the natural environment.  Join a TLGV Ranger for an informative program on the “wilder side” of The Last Green Valley.

These are great programs for garden clubs, civic clubs, a fun work event, church groups, senior centers, etc!

If you are interested in booking a TLGV Ranger to provide an illustrated power point program to your group or association, please contact Bill Reid at 860-774-3300,

You can "like" The Last Green Valley and the Crawford Library on facebook.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the fun & informative presentations done by The Last Green Valley!

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