Sunday, April 28, 2013

The little things, like popcorn boxes, can make you feel like royalty!

I have a special friend.

She is special because she is sincere, she listens, she shares, she cares, she is welcoming, she goes above and beyond.

She is all that and a bag of chips.

Something she did the other night is just a perfect example of what an amazing person she is and how she thinks of ways to make people feel so special.

She won 4 free tickets to Disney on Ice at the DCU Center in Worcester from our favorite WINY Radio.   Since just she, her son and her step daughter were going, I was lucky enough to get invited.

I LOVE THIS KIND OF THING!!! Lights, costumes, music... Disney!

We arrive, find our seats, and I am totally ready to see Woody & Buzz, and Tinkerbell, and Arielle, and whoever else is in tow.

My friend pulls out some popcorn from her bag for all of us. Not just a baggie full of popcorn, put popcorn bags full of popcorn.

Seriously!? This is over the top thoughtful.

I have been single and rather frugal for most of my adult life. That is how I have been able to get ahead slowly but surely all by myself. My family did not have a heck of a lot when I was a kid, so I appreciate the little things. I can't imagine how families with kids today make it! Everything is so expensive, and everyone expects everything. To work within a budget, but still be able to give your kids a treat at a show and make them feel like kings and queens is simply awesome.

I tried to explain to my friend just how awesome these simple things she does day in and day out are. I had to fight back the tears. She is awesome! Plain and simple.

That is why I am lucky in my life. I know people who do all the little things to make their family (and friends) feel like royalty.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the little things that my awesome friends do!

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