Friday, June 13, 2014

I have a heart, but still broke a little! Danged woodchucks!

Experiencing my first spring season as a yard owner again after some years of being cooped up in a condo, and it ..... is ...... GREAT!!!!!

I was able to bring many plants with me from the Renegade Garden at the condo, and the are all happy to be in their new home with me and my hubby. The iris are outstanding this year!

A veggie garden is also in place. Raised beds were our choice and method, and the plants are cranking.

Of course since we live next to a big patch of woods, animals are our neighbors, along with all of our human neighbors.

Woodchucks appeared immediately.

The have a heart trap came out quickly.

We caught a large woodchuck almost immediately and my husband took him/her for a ride in the truck and relocated him/her to the woods out in West Thompson, so he/she could live with all his/her long lost relatives.

Then we caught another woodchuck... a little one.
Then we caught an oppossum. Ugly bugger!
Again, my hubby relocated them out to the boonies.

Then we caught yet another little woodchuck. Since my hubs was working late that night, I thought I should be the one to take the little critter on the truck ride to the woods.

Oddly enough I felt really bad dropping him off in the middle of the woods, far from his home. I told him to go find his long lost brother, father, cousins.... he looked so little sitting in those big woods all by himself. 

Isn't it odd that you know it is the right thing to do, but you still feel bad about doing it? I know I would not be happy with the damage woodchucks can do when they are in your yard and gardens, so I will imagine all the woodchucks hopping around together in the woods of West Thompson!

I am a Putnamaniac that had my heart break a little by a danged woodchuck!

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