Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These are the good old days ~ that phrase is stuck in my head! I'm ok with that...

Song lyrics really are poetry.

Most often they are a wonderful sounding earful of poetry.

I have a friend who loves to notice if people are "deep" listeners or "surface" listeners.

By that he meant that some folks hum and sing along with a song, but don't really listen to the music and certainly not to the words and their meaning.

Sometimes song lyrics get in my thoughts, for numbers of different reasons, and they nest there.

As I sing these embedded lyrics over and over again, it starts me wondering why these lyrics are present and speaking loudly.  They are settled in my mind for a reason ~  Do I have something occurring in life that needs an answer/solution? Am I remembering old memories? Am I forgetting something? Are the lyrics just meant to re-open my eyes and/or heart to something? What is it????

Eventually I get to the heart of the lyrics, and why they linger, and then they pass on.

These last few days I keep thinking of Carly Simon's song Anticipation. The lyrics in particular that keep replaying in RadioMarcy are "These are the good old days". This is a theme that I must remind myself of over the years. It is easy to look forward to when "something" will happen (hence the anticipation), and it is easy to look back and perhaps enhance the memories of the good old days....

However, and this is a big however, I need to remember to enjoy every minute as it is happening, because these are indeed the good old days. It is vital to enjoy every stinking moment.

Listen up friends ~ you will hear many great lyrics in life, from many sources!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves that these are the good old days! 

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